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Many of you participate in conventions in one form or another. Some of my clients regularly exhibit at conventions/trade shows, etc… I just completed a review of an agreement sent to us by one of the largest “event” organizations on the west coast. Here are some of the warnings I sent my client. (There’s probably a larger article in here somewhere. Maybe when I come up for air in the fall…..)

  1. They may terminate our attendance at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  2. They reserve the right to take photographs/video of our exhibit, booth space and personnel   and we give them full rights to such images/footage. And we agree to sign all required releases.
  3. They may alter our space at any time.
  4. We need their written permission to “exchange goods or services”. (No actual sales should be made.) We may only exchange information for future contacts/sales.
  5. We’ll have to use their contractors for moving in, setting up, tearing down, etc…
  6. No offsite meetings. We agree not to “encourage absence of exhibitors or invited guests from the Event or Event Facilities.”
  7. We are required to provide them with a list of all individuals/entities who have visited our exhibit.
  8. We have to purchase and maintain an insurance policy naming both the Organizer and the Facility as additional insureds.
  9. They may change the date 30 days in either direction, and/or move the event up to 50 miles without any recompense.
  10. The limitation of liability and indemnification sections are ridiculous. But in my experience these are carved in stone. This should be mostly ameliorated with the insurance you’ll carry.