Areas of Practice

Our practice areas encompass several main bodies of law, and our services extend to the practice of law both in the United States and internationally. We provide services that are responsive to the needs of your enterprise. We do not tell our clients “no”. We work with you to find a way to accomplish your business goals while managing your legal risk.

IP, Entertainment and Art Law

We have counseled clients on media, intellectual property, entertainment and art law for over fifteen years. We have negotiated countless distribution, work for hire, purchase, merchandising and other agreements and regularly prepare and respond to cease and desist demands. We also offer skilled copyright, trademark and other IP-related advice.

Contracts and Corporate Law

We offer counsel with regard to a broad spectrum of business and commercial concerns. Our partners are veterans of in-house legal departments, and are experienced counselors of multinational tech companies. They have worked extensively in the areas of venture capital funding, mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international contracting for services and products, tech and IP transactions, option and equity incentive plans and HR concerns.

Wills, Trusts, Estates and General Practice

We provide general legal services, including the preparation and review of wills and trusts, prenuptial agreements and a broad panoply of other general legal matters.

Cyber, Cryptographic and Export Control Law

Our principals posses an in-depth knowledge of cyber and cryptographic law, having counseled multinational IT companies in the field of encrypted communication and other encrypted technologies. We possess a wide breath and depth of knowledge related to OFAC and BIS export control issues.

Government Contracts and Administrative Law

In addition to general guidance with regard to government procurement law, our services extend to both assistance creating sound proposals and detailed review and assessment of our clients’ government proposals.

United States Federal law requires primary and secondary producers of sexually explicit material to maintain precise records of all models in every production. These requirements are generally referred to as the “2257 Regulations”

SPLLC is launching a new service for primary and secondary producers of adult material to provide them with a secure, easy to use interface for your record keeping needs.  When we launch the service, we plan to offer several membership packages which are geared to accommodate enterprises of all sizes.

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